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MS 150

Support Me and Help Texans with Multiple Sclerosis

 I registered for the 2010 and 2011 BP MS 150 because I want to do something about MS now. This will be a two day 150+ mile bicycle ride across central Texas from Houston to Austin during April 16-17 2011.

I have this blog page here so you can share a story about MS.

Every hour, someone is newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system.

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disease that affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that. Living with MS means living with uncertainty, a certainty of progressive degradation of life. 

 When it comes to MS, only two things are certain:  

·      Another American is newly diagnosed with MS every hour of every day.  

·      Many people are joining the movement toward a world free of MS – including me.


Have a Story?

Leave a comment on this page by clicking the comment link below

Teach me more about MS, or provide a testimony or story about someone you know who has MS.

It’s faster and easier than ever to help:

Donate Right Now Online Click here to visit my PERSONAL PAGE  >>

Donate Right Now By Check – if you prefer, send your check payable to the BP MS 150 – P.O. Box 4125 – Houston, TX  77210-4125.  Be sure to write in the memo section of your check both my name “Brian Hildebrand” and “BP MS 150”.

Your contribution funds crucial MS research and helps families with MS lead powerful lives.

I appreciate your support and promise to keep you updated. 


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