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I placed top 10 in Adam Waters RTP Transformation System contest held at ShredderSphere 2.0! 

Here are my dates:

Mission 1 1/12/2009 – 4/5/2009.  Interim Goal on 3/15/09 11th wedding annarverssary goal of 200LBS, and by the end of the mission on 4/6/2009 to be 190LBS and 18% body fat.

Mission 2 5/1/09 – 7/23/09 to be an unknown LBS at 8% body fat for my birthday with my family, a six pack of abs, and my birthday cake too! MISSION IN PROGRESS and being documented in side the “RTP ShredderSphere

Mission 3 7/24/09 – 8/13/09 this mission died. The orginal goal is/was to maintain the Mission 2 abs for the Florida Beach vacation that got pushed out from July to August. This mission did not happen in Florida.

Mission 4 Muscle 10/19/09 – 1/10/2010 This is the first of many missions to come that are a matter of a life-long health and fitness lifestyle.

Let’s not stand in line, we are all going massive in O-Nine!

Shred iT, then Build iT!,


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  1. February 21, 2009 8:38 AM

    And for the record, I was a tape measure tested 30% body fat on 1/7/09, and caliper body fat of 23.9% on 2/11/09.

  2. ierocis permalink
    April 6, 2009 10:29 AM

    Real story from real people 🙂


  1. RTP TS M1 Day 40: Shattered mission 1 interim goal today! « My Physique Delta - Brian Hildebrand

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