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This is my blog for external accountability. As of November 2009, I have been coasting along on auto pilot not being very active.

I have achieved milestone events in my life like when I placed top 10 in the first ever real-time RTP Contest when I completed Mission 1 shredding off 27 pounds and ~12% body fat!   My training system and daily nutrition and accountability group comes from Adam Waters RTP Transformation System.

I eat totally clean natural food 95% of the time, all the time, doing a decent job maintaining weight by guessing calorie intake based on my weekly weigh-ins and occasional body dimension measurements.

When I train, I exercise about an hour a day on the RTP System where I get strict on calorie intake and following the system’s training parameters (both physical and mental).  When training, I use RTP Muscle to build mass with little to no fat % increase, OR, I use the standard RTP Transformation System to cut body fat % while maintaining muscle.

I’m really good at cutting fat, which I learned in the first half of 2009.  I now weigh 178 Pounds and 16% body fat, a weight for which I have not weighed in 15 years. I used to always weigh in the 220+ pound range at 30+% body fat until 12/21/08 when I began shredding with Adam and fellow Shredders.

I am still learning to be disciplined enough to build muscle, the RTP Muscle system is great, but it is my limited image of self and unfocused long-term goals that limits my ability to build muscle.  Basically, shredding fat is practically instantly rewarding because it happens so fast; Muscle gains though are slower and require more patience then I have given it.  I know deep in my heart that if I followed RTP Muscle to a tee, I would achieve the muscle gains because that system is rock solid and has been proven time and time again.

Please leave positive comments or questions below.

Thanks for stopping by.

God bless and may God Speed your endeavors,

Brian Hildebrand


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