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M5 week 1 – Burn the Fat Summer Challenge 2011

June 2, 2011

Hi all,

A very quick post on my public blog to document my first week in Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Summer Challenge 2011.

So here are my body composition statistics Day 906 M5 Day 7 :
Digital Scale body fat =18.3%
Total Body Weight = 179.0 Lbs
Lean Body Mass = 146 Lbs
Starting was:
Digital Scale body fat =18.5%
Total Body Weight = 178.0 Lbs
Lean Body Mass = 146 Lbs

The ongoing challenge in this mission will be to balance calorie levels needed for vigorous Triathlon training, while achieving Fat Loss with simultaneous Muscle gain.  This will be a huge test of discipline of principles from Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, Ryan Miller’s Growth Stimulus Training, my YMCA Triathlon Training plan, Adam Water Real Time Physique Transformation System, Carlos DeJesus Exercise Therapy, and my collective experience of the past three years entrenching myself in Health and Fitness.

I started daily compliance tracking this week including daily 10 total points, 1 each for 6 meals, physical training, mental training, blog post, picture. 

My Current Compliance is 60%, a pretty bad beating since I did not eat my 6 meals through memorial day weekend nor did I do any targeted training.

Next week I will formulate my mission plan of goals, reasons why, and visualization image to focus my mental training.

Go Massive!

Brian Hildebrand


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