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RTP 2009 Candy Cane Classic Group Accountability Shred

November 16, 2009

For fun and accountability inside the RTP Shreddersphere, I signed up for the RTP 2009 Candy Cane Classic Group Accountability Shred. Cheers to Donna for kicking this off!

Info about my day is at the bottom of this blog in my accountability log – a lot happened!

Purpose: Designed to run along side your current mission, it’s all for fun and to help us shred through the holidays – burning fat and building muscle.

Nov. 16 (Monday) – Dec. 31 (Thursday)
Athletes can join after Nov. 16. When you decide to join, snap those “before” pictures (front, back and 2 sides). These should be cropped and resized to 550 pixels.

Social Group:
The social group can be found at the sphere. Join in and received on-going encouragement from other athletes along with any important updates. You do not have to belong to the social group to enter.

Photo Submission: Dec. 26 (Saturday) – Dec. 31 (Thursday)
Realizing that we’re all busy during the Holidays, there’s an extended period for submission. The cutoff date is Dec. 31.
Pictures: Your Before & After Pictures
1) Your official Before Pictures –
including front, back and 2 sides (these will be your Nov. 16 daily pictures or later if you’ve just joined the sphere)
2) Your official After Pictures – including front, back and 2 sides (these will be the pictures you want considered and can be taken and posted any time between Dec. 26 – Dec. 31).

Categories: There are 2 categories:
1) Level 1 – Transformation focusing on rapid fat loss and
2) Level 2 – Transformation focusing on lean muscle gain
An athlete will select the one category he/she wants to enter.

Prizes: Honor, prestige, and a firmer, fitter body. And to the hard-working winners, the coveted and highly sought after titles:
a) Mr. and Ms. Candy Cane (rapid fat loss program – Level 1)
b) Mr. and Ms. RTP C3 (muscle program – Level 2)
c) Additional prizes will be awarded to the 4 winners – currently undetermined

Judging: Keeping in the spirit of the shreddersphere, winners will be chosen based on the before and after pictures. Also, no CAPS, no blogging, no tanning, – just your pictures. Please stand tall and proud – no slouching – and include your feet.


NOTE 1: Back and side (2) pictures are Highly recommended and encouraged – the judges will appreciate it. Make it easier on your esteemed judges.

NOTE 2: Please upload your pictures into your photo album and use the “BB Code” to insert into this post. Please title your post with your name and the contest you are entering.
Fat loss contest: “Name – Level 1”
Muscle gained contest: “Name – Level 2”

NOTE 3: Pictures should be cropped and resized to 550 pixels. I recommend using the RTP Image Resizer & Rotator Tool created by Mike Groom and found at: the sphere

Using RTP Transformer-Level 1 and/or RPT Muscle-Level 2 is encouraged. But use whatever will get you to your goals! I’m all for including everyone, excluding no one. The more the merrier. Just take those before and after pictures. And the before pictures don’t have to be on Nov. 16. When you decide to join, just snap those photos.

I realize that Muscle isn’t out – if you prefer, use the strength phase of RTP Transformer-Level 1 program and switch over to Muscle when it’s released. Or if you have Muscle, go for it. Figuring out your own workouts? Join in!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, YOU could be the winner of
The 2009 RTP Candy Cane Classic
What a sweet way to ring in the New Year!

Real Time Accountability Log
RTP Muscle Transformation System
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 29 11/16/09
Meal Comments: Spot on
Physical Training Comments: None I am resting. I am still DOMS in quads from the new stretching routine I did Saturday – amazing goodness considering I’ve been training for a month and still able to hit muscles in a new way. Standing all day at work was good and I hear that burns 20% more calories that I will compensate for slightly.
Mental Training Comments: Re-Read Tom’s BFFM Chapter 1 Goals. Took many notes – made a pile of “I” statements. Read about correcting my posture. I “feel” funny in my side pictures, but that is technically correct posture: chest up, shoulders down and back, glute butt tightened, abs contracted. I have to try really hard to make that posture – in time it will be easy. A bonus is the abs automatically straighten up with chest up, which abs/stomach poking out is a very bad thing for spine health.
Daily Picture Comments: Did front, back, sides for RTP 2009 Candy Cane Classic Group Accountability Shred.
Blog Comments: Spot on
Daily Accountability Score: 9
Cumulative Accountability Score: 268
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 92%
Daily Calorie Accuracy: 104%
Cumulative Calorie Accuracy: 96%

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