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Back issue diagnosis

November 14, 2009

My local chiropractor assessed me yesterday.

I have slight scoliosis (spine off center left to right) from my right leg being about 1/4″ to short and possibly from leaning while sitting.
– I added an extra insert to my right shoe today to compensate – that felt good!

I have unevenly compressed disks from L1 down to S1 with almost no disk at S1. This is because disk L3 is about 1 inch to far forward causing excess radial bend in my spine.

Map of Spinal Column

I am not so confident in this chiropractor because I am spoiled by the success of another chiro my friend goes to that combines chiro and deep tissue massage into one comprehensive visit. My friend’s chiro is out of my health network, thus a super high deductible :-(.

Information at hand, trying to make the plan.


Real Time Accountability Log
RTP Muscle Transformation System
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 27 11/14/09
Meal Comments: Spot on
Physical Training Comments: went well. Lumbar area still hurts throughout day. Doing lunges instead of hyper/deadlifts
Mental Training Comments: Spot on
Daily Picture Comments: Spot on
Blog Comments: Spot on
Daily Accountability Score: 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 251
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 93%
Daily Calorie Accuracy: 85%
Cumulative Calorie Accuracy: 104%

MPD DAY 342 M4 Day 27 me

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