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Friday night family friends and exercise!

November 6, 2009

Went to the gym right away after work, grilled steak and chicken for my family (I had my stuff pre-made), then some friends came over. The house was a buzz with the kids having a good ole time.
My good ole time was 60 grams of Steel Cut Oats and some of that pre-measured and allocated steak.

I laid down some massive RTP Muscle training sessions in the past three days?

I think so! The main reason I’m so beat feeling is I choose to skip the non-Strength training rest days (I ditched the cardio) so I could do strength.
I have pushed the ragged edges of muscle recovery. I don’t plan on doing this again in the future.

Even with so-so muscle recovery, I STILL BEAT SOME PERSONAL BESTS TODAY!! IN THE GYM.

Horizontal time,

Real Time Accountability Log
RTP Muscle Transformation System
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 19 11/6/09
Meal Comments: Meal 6 64 calorie beer and 3 smarties candies, over caloried me for the day, fortunately right after an intense training session.
Physical Training Comments: Spot on
Mental Training Comments: 3rd day in a row of strength training, my choice to compress Monday’s and Tuesday’s workout in the last half of this week leaves me totally drained.
Daily Picture Comments: Spot on
Blog Comments: Spot on
Daily Accountability Score: 9
Cumulative Accountability Score: 179
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 94%
Daily Calorie Accuracy: 105%
Cumulative Calorie Accuracy: 107%

MPD DAY 334 M4 Day 19 me

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