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Fellow RTP Shredders and RTP Faculty fill my Toolbox – thank God. Mission 4 Day 16.

November 3, 2009

Thanks to Carlos DeJesus, Sharon Harris, Wendee, and my friend Jerry.

Between the four of these folks for helping me fill my “Toolbox”


One Powerful Personal Affirmation (PPA) – PPA#3 statement addressing the need to give extra care to spinal health issue that very likely has existed my whole life.

Two RTP Muscle substitution exercises I can use to target lumbar back strength.

Several stretching routines from “Back in Shape” (Texas Back Institute’s book).

A real-life example of how to live healthily and strong for back health.

Focus on keeping my core muscles (upper/lower/side abdominals) contracted at all times for spinal stability.

Continue to focus on abdominal exercises, much like / very like, in RTP’s total body system.

Use the science of Chiropractor to align my spine.

Use Trigger Point Therapy Deep Tissue Massage (

One true God I am letting forge me into the image of Himself – through Christ all is good in Grace by the “thorn” in my back :-).

That is the toolbox.
Time to wield it.

Your friend
Shred iT, Build iT!

Real Time Accountability Log
RTP Muscle Transformation System
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 16 11/3/09
Meal Comments: Spot on
Physical Training Comments: decided to miss to rest back for another day
Mental Training Comments: Forming Back Lumbar PPA and “Toolbox”
Daily Picture Comments: Spot on
Blog Comments: Spot on
Daily Accountability Score: 9
Cumulative Accountability Score: 150
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 94%
Daily Calorie Accuracy: 92%
Cumulative Calorie Accuracy: 107%

MPD DAY 331 M4 Day 16 me

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