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Painful flashback to 2 years ago – smiling through pain today and then :-(

November 1, 2009

I am painfully reminded today, with back injury recurring ironically today, how exactly two years ago on 10/29/2007, I was completely debilitated due to pinching my sciatic nerve in my right leg.

I now know I have a back problem, and I have to find a solution.

Here is proof of me on loads of pain meds. Earlier that very morning, I could not even pick my foot up, stand, sit, lay or otherwise not cry.

Two years ago – smiling through the pain.

Brian Sciatica Motorized Chair 10292007
Tonight, after a nice couple days at my Dad’s place for a little rest and relaxation, tonight, I pick up my baby’s clothes from the floor, and bang! Feels like by spine slipped 1/2 an inch. I felt pain in my lumbar lower back, my glut/but, the around to my quadriceps/thighs. 😦 :-(…

This picture below is a smile that says I thought those days were long gone.

Today – smiling through the pain.

MPD DAY 329 M4 Day 14 me

A friend Jerry gave me a book two years ago called “Back in Shape” by the Texas Back Institute. I think I have “Spondylolisthesis.” About 5% of the population have this and many do not know it. I researched bodybuilders with this . I conclude I need to a good doctor, rest a couple days and slowly ease back into action and also make sure my core muscles are balanced

Not really knowing what to do, or what type of doctor, Physical Trainer, chiropractor, sports medicine doc, or etc. to see right now. I wish I could wake up in the morning and know precisely how to remedy this problem and have a plan to fix life-long muscular-skeletal issues.


Real Time Accountability Log
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 14 11/1/09
Daily Accountability Score: 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 132
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 94%
Actual Vs. Target Calorie Accuracy: 102%
Meal Comments:
RTP Muscle Transformation System

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