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Killer day – Caffeine addiction withdrawal – sleepy, headache, depression.

October 26, 2009

Today was killer. I chose to stop drinking caffeine. I say accidentally because I drank only two 6 oz coffees over the weekend, and “forgot” to drink some this morning – and then bang! This morning I was totally wiped out from the withdrawal effect of no caffeine. I was terribly tired and totally debilitated feeling and only slightly depressed feeling.

I searched the net because I thought this was caffeine related, and I did not want to drink down my normal 20-30 ounces of coffee to find out. I did drink three green tea bags mid-day.

The internet says caffeine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant, which is triggers stress hormones and artificially regulated metabolism.

Trust me, I don’t need stress on top of stress, and I eat and exercise plenty well that my metabolism should work just fine without coffee.

Many like caffeine to boost exercise intensity.

I have my own exercise intensity boost– they are called Powerful Reasons Why, and I meditate on them daily – they boost me to help me do each exercise is maximum intensity.

The next couple days are going to be killer. The net says it takes 9 days to overcome caffeine addiction so the headache, depression, and sleepy feelings will go away.

The next nine days are going to be a special balance of not taking NSAIDs/ ibuprofen for the inevitable headaches (NSAIDs retard muscle recovery and growth after intense exercise), and quite possibly having to drink green tea for a slight caffeine headache reducer.

Enough of my rambling.

Let the muscle building life-long mission continue!

Go Massive!



Real Time Accountability Log
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 8 10/26/09
Daily Accountability Score: 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 78
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 98%
Actual Vs. Target Calorie Accuracy: 100%
Meal Comments: All spot on!
RTP Muscle Transformation System

MPD DAY 323 M4 Day 8 me

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