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Rest day – A look back at week 1 of 12

October 25, 2009

Feels great to have started this mission and having put the first week in the can. This week is done. It wasn’t perfect, but what is? (Trivia for the day: who was?) I’ve already forgiven myself for a few mistakes over this past week, no problem. I hope to learn from them. I may not, but I’ll give it a shot.

Let’s take a look back over this past week.

I was encouraged by friends on facebook and shredders in the Sphere.
I lifted absolutely tons of weight – RTP helps me track this so I can make progress going forward.
I have a standing chance of adding some muscle mass in the next 11 weeks.
I did body weight routines.
I ran miles.
I cycles a few more.
I did not swim like I had thought.
I exercised each day in less than an hour – a huge bonus to sustain family life.
I like RTP because it real, it is real planet earth, go take care of yourself stuff.
I did not exercise in the early AM hours like I desire.
I ate many pounds of clean food.
I had three reward meals and did pretty good keeping the end of day calories in check.
I did over eat my target calories by 5%, something better menu planning will fix.
I know Calories Count! And I will review my results in the weeks ahead so I can tweak precisely how many I need to obtain my own Experiment of One.
I was really sore from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness through mid-week – which RTP helped me mitigate the inevitable pain as much as possible.
I enjoyed getting back into the gym – people asked, where is your clip board? I’ve lost two, thus just folded paper and a pen.

I love my kids.
I love my wife.
I love my friends.
I love myself.
I love my God.
I love my work.
I love my fellow shredders.
I love not being sedentary!
“I” love an appropriate amount of selfishness – otherwise what good am “I” to all the above.

Everything is a choice.

Peace out,


Real Time Accountability Log
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 7 10/25/09
Daily Accountability Score: 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 68
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%
Actual Vs. Target Calorie Accuracy: 100%
Meal Comments: Meal 4 reward
RTP Muscle Transformation System

MPD DAY 322 M4 Day 7 me

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