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Mission 4 Day 1: Feels nice to kick off this metabolic furnace once more!

October 19, 2009

Hi everyone,

It feels nice to kick off the metabolic furnace once more!

This first full mission of my Phase 1 of Brian Hildebrand’s Life-Long Mission of Health & Fitness – an Experiment of One.

I think really long term, now that I have shredded off 50 pounds in the last 10 months. I think beyond my current self-image and self-imposed limitations, way “beyond”. I will now use a 12 week mission as a short-term goal to achieve life-long health and fitness priorities. Think Bodybuilding Triathlete. That is my future image I will run a proverbial good race for. The real race is for my health for my family. I have to exercise – I fall apart without it. The image is a very capable and muscular triathlete. I will compete in triathalons and also body building competitions in the years to come. I hope to do well in both. The next couple years worth of missions will lay a foundation of success to win these competitions. The non-mission “off season” will be just as important as the in season.

I am using a preview of RTP Muscle by Adam Waters and Carlos DeJesus. I am so excited for everyone to be able to soon have their own book soon. RTP is simple and designed for the working class, man and woman alike.

RTP Muscle will take me beyond my current self-image and self-imposed limitations. There really are no more excuses. All of the information is laid out by the passionate pursuits of Carlos and Adam. I will take it, and make my own Experiment of One by closely following the provided foundation and framework.

I will document myself in real time everyday for the next 84 days. Your positive encouragement is welcome. I close this blog today by humbly requesting that God, you, bless this mission in anyway that you see fit that glorifies you, amen.

Shred iT, then Build iT!
Your friend,

Oh yes, as Adam says:

Eat Clean
Shred Hard
Think Big!

Real Time Accountability Log
Mission 4
Brian Hildebrand
Day 1 10/19/09

Daily Accountability Score: 9
Cumulative Accountability Score: 9
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 90%

Actual Vs. Target Calorie Accuracy: 93%
Meal Comments: Meal 2 missed

MPD DAY 316 M4 Day 1 me

Brian long gone!

Day 257 M3 Day 11 me DAY 21 blast to past


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