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M4 Pre-Shred: 5 Days to Start RTP Muscle by faith in the unseen, Blog Day 311

October 14, 2009

Quick Real-Time Physique Accountability Blog.

Mission 4 starts in 5 days.

This mission is rooted in something so old, that is new again – the proven RTP Muscle by Carlos DeJesus and Adam Waters.

THE PAST: My Fat loss results were great – shattering all my goals – goals rooted in what I have once seen by “looking back” to the way I used to be in High School as a teenager.

THE FUTURE: I will now achieve goals by faith in the unseen that by God’s power I can create a new physique by using RTP Muscle by Carlos DeJesus and Adam Waters as a tool to reshape my body composition. This future shape is something I have never experienced before, thus unseen. I have goals nailed down for more muscle, less fat, and greater health – for life, for life (for a quality of life, and for a long time). I am working up my weekly meal menu plans and also looking for a good visualization image front view standing pose of a natural body builder world/national title winner.


Your Friend,

Brian Hildebrand
Shred iT, then Build iT!

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