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Day 21, learning from acting like I’m “21”

August 30, 2009

First – the bad.
Yesterday was a blunder! 7 of 10. Geez. I missed my cardio. And over caloried my last meal. And because I stayed up so late, I had to eat meal 7 – a good does of protein, which would not have been all that bad by itself except I know I ate an extra 1000-1200 calories yesterday.

Now – the good.
I am really starting to build good new habits now.

I really love AM workouts. I get up in 7 hours, 4AM. First thing ASAP after waking up, I drink 20-40 oz of water, 20 oz coffee, meal 1 – BANG! Exercise time by 5AM. I have a feeling I do not ever plan on doing any more fasted state cardio. I would rather do cardio with maximum energy and let the post-recovery metabolic boost do the rest of the fat burn.

I really like the rest of the day after working out in the AM.

THE CAMEL THAT TRIES TO BREAK MY BACK IS CALORIE CONTROL AND FOOD VARIETY. I enjoyed my food combination that keep me full today. I dropped the starchy carbs for a much needed low calorie day today, upped the protein a bit, and had fiber veggies with nearly every meal, and fruit with a couple. I was very full all day with this combination. I’ll have to try this a few more times to make sure last nights excess calories had any play today.

I am still working on smoothing out my meal planning. I believe the real key here will be to make a meal plan for an entire week, instead of making it up in the morning of each day.

My resistance sculpting is finally coming around as far a form and cadence go.
I have a system where I use my stop watch and my metronome to time myself, and if I can pay attention to my form and count my metronome, then I know I am sculpting just beautifully. I use my stop watch to help me keep track of every fifth repetition so I can count in blocks of five (I don’t multi-task real well!)

Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 194 from 210
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 92%

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