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Week 11 of 12 Mission 2: Eye-Opening “Fat Loss Secret” Video – Ear Infection “Steriods” update.

July 17, 2009

First, sorry for no public blog – please know I have been accountable to my fellow shredders inside the RTP ShredderSphere. SEE PICTURES AT THE BOTTOM PROVING I AM RESHAPPING MY PHYSIQUE.

find the Eye-Opening “Fat Loss Secret” video inside this blog , and click play!
Eye-Opening “Fat Loss Secret ” Video

Mind warp, wasn’t it?

Okay folks do you have a good scale?

I need to scale up to the challenge myself!

– after much research, I am personaly hooked on EatSmart Nutrition Scale™ – Digital Food and Nutrient Calculator because EatSmarts’ readout is easier to see than the Chefmate/Kitrics. I also like EatSmart’s professional website with demo videos and instructions clearly provided.

So to back up what Leigh said, this EatSmart Review said:
[quote]You’ll be amazed at the discrepancies when you compare the actual weight of some foods with what’s listed on the nutrition information printed on the package. For example, the information printed for spoon-sized shredded wheat is for a one-cup serving (52 grams). If you weigh the cereal, though, 52 grams is a lot closer to being 3/4 of a cup, not a full cup. Same for potato chips, pretzels and other irregularly shaped foods.[/quote]

Ear Infection Update:Here is what I put on facebook yesterday while I was taking pictures with my daughter Emma:

Whew! No infection in my bone from the ear infection – the Ear Nose Throught specialist “just” gave me a shot of steriods, steriods pills, heavy duty antibiotic, nasal allergy nasal steriods, nasal allergy, lastely antihisamine, sudafed and ibuprophen if I needed it….. Geez 4 doctor visits, $800 ear infection – nice!

The doc says these are “Not” “baseball steriods” so I guess I am still doing this “natural” – that I should get a boost in energy back to normal levels.

I made it to facebook! I think you would click here

Also, I often forget I mentor people around me – today was a couple co-workers…. It is as if people feel accountable to tell me what they are doing and how they manage their nutrition or exercise! Cool!!! Then for some I see huge box of sugar loaded cereal on the breakroom table for Lunch! …. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking at the spec sawdust in their eye with a whole tree stuck in mine – I’ve eaten some sugary cereal too, but not for a large portion of calorie fufillment for the day!

What else:
Man I can’t wait to hammer it at the gym – this whole mission has not turned out like I visioned – I tested a lot of waters – changed workout methods by converting to RTP Muscle, goofed up RTP Muscle exercise parameters, exponentialy increased my cardio calorie burn via bike commuting to work, under and then over estimated my calorie needs during the bike commuting, finally used RTP Muscle correctly and I did gain 1.25 LBS of lean mass in one week!!, and then bang – major ear infection that still keeps me knocked down in the final week of my mission.

Six pack and chocolate b-day cake may elude me, but the six pack chocolate cake on a different date will not! Goals in ink – Dates in pencil.


Shred iT, then Build iT!

Your Friend,


7/17/09 Mission 2 day 78 Compliance Score

Daily Accountability Score: 9 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 725from 780
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 93%

7/15/09 M2 day 76 Shredder Accountability Picture
Day 220 M2 Day 76 me RTP Muscle

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