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Muscle Building on “RTP Muscle” This IS massive! Day 164 M2 Day 21

May 21, 2009

Okay folks, “it is on!”

I too am road testing “RTP Muscle” to be available soon on the RTP TS right along with our wonderful mentor Adam Waters as guided by the ever excellent Carlos DeJesus!

For now, please know I will keep the program specifics (exercises, format, reps, sets, etc) under total wraps – that I will not talk about my exercises. Nope not a drop! I have to focus on motivation blogging, period! 🙂

I will now shred this puppy up with total absolute massive intensisty, Massivity!

For more information, take a look at what Adam said on his blog Day 894: Mission 6 Goes Live – Let The Shredding Begin! what RTP Muscle is:

I will be “road testing” a new workout program that 1985 World Champion Natural Bodybuilder Carlos DeJesus originally designed back in the early 1990’s.

Carlos’s clients which include Natural Bodybuilding Champions like John Vendetti and Kathy Brady achieved amazing results on this program back in the day by increasing their lean body mass up by 20 lbs. over a 10-week period.

Furthermore Carlos’ “Muscle Building” workout program has stood the test of time as one of his recent clients has also achieved great results too, not to mention Carlos himself when he won the World Crown back in ‘85! A massive part of following any program is a strong belief that it actually works, and needless to say my belief in this workout program is massive!

Mission 2 continues.
Mission 2 six pack of abs and chocolate cake ends on my B-day…
Mission 3 redeems use the abs to redeem last year’s vacation by return to the Florida Emerald Coast Destin beach in mid-August.

Shredn’ this puppy up!

Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 204 from 210
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%

Day 164 M2 Day 21 me RTP Muscle

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