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Day 162 M2 Day 19: Fresh Avatar! And plan “D”

May 19, 2009


I picked a new Avatar today inside the ShredderSphere.

Avatar 2009 Mission 2b

For such a simple thing, it is cool to find so many cool visitor messages about something so “small.”

It is fresh, isn’t it?

It is the small things in life; the little itty-bitty micro changes; it is the cumulative sum of many “deltas” that provide the exponential result of your heart’s desire.

Do achieve your RTP Mental Training each day. Focus, Pray, Meditate, Make sure you kick the deceiver’s first person singular pronoun whispers right off your shoulder, and go forth by faith to act out each little delta that you know God would love to see you step through.

Did I mention I am glad I had a cardio plan “D” today.

Here was my steady state cardio plan for today:
Plan A – Swim.
That was my plan, but then the pool was closed.

Okay, Plan B – PreCore AMT.
Busy gym, filled up.

I can handle this, Plan C – Elliptical step machine.
Ahh, finally. I’m off. Nice. I haven’t elipticaled it in a while. And I cracked a sweat pretty fast too! I though I was breaking through some muscle adaptation.
… Then three minutes into it I hear: “Sorry folks, we lost a power transformer; we have to ask everyone to leave.”
No wonder I cracked a sweat so early, the air conditioning was shut down! 🙂 😦

Plan D – Ride my bike.
This I did do for about 30 minutes. I love seeing reality instead of gym walls. To bad my chain ring kept slipping keeping me from sprinting away from the stop signs. I just kept it in top gear and did high speed low cadence standing up right intervals.

Maybe I am talking about plan “G” today.

Let’s shred up the broken power lines and overcrowded gyms!

Brian Hildebrand

Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 185 from 190
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%

P.S. I am not convinced of my body fat % thus the vauge reading in the picture below:
Day 162 M2 Day 19 me

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