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Day 160 M2 Day 17: Found water in the tank.

May 17, 2009


You know, sometimes, whether it is Shredding or trying to fire up your favorite gasoline engine powered yard tool, you’ll find water in the tank. I experienced some water in my pressure washer’s gas tank today. I almost tore into the carburetor to rebuild the whole unit until I realized that the fuel that I thought I was draining out of the float bowl drain screw was in fact water!

Boy – I am glad I took the time to realize there was water draining out instead of fuel because I was about to take the whole carburetor off to rebuild it thinking the “float was stuck”, thus requiring me to buy a gasket kit to put it all back together. Fortunately, I realized what was going on and simply dumped all the water out (and some fuel) and put some of last year’s yucky old fuel in the tank. This trust beast of a machine fired right up, even on really old fuel, and I was now on my patio deck cleaning mission. I finished my mission the same day I intended to with a little sensory acuity!

Even when were are on a weight loss mission, or even a mass building mission, we can overlook the plainly obvious fact that what we expect is not at all what is happening. There can be any number of variables that keeps our “engine” from running correctly such as: nutrition, exercises, sleep, water, mindset, or accountability.

Fortunately, we have the RTP Transformation System to teach us about what keeps our engine running correctly for a real-time rapid fire physique transformation. We also have the fabulous RTP TS ShredderSphere2.0 community to keep us focus on our accountability to ourselves and others.

Above all though, we need to realize, to have “Sensory Acuity,” that when we are having trouble within our own implementation of the RTP TS, that there just might be water in our tank.

I recently used a little sensory acuity over the past week to determine that I could tolerate an extreme calorie deficit on my low calorie days. My float was not stuck. I didn’t need to completely rebuild my health and nutrition parameters. I just needed to clean my proverbial patio deck of body fat. Instead of trying to start this mission over for the wrong reasons like going to the parts store for carburetor parts that would delay me from taking massive and immediate progress right now; I decided to pray and think quietly to realize I had in fact had been eating too many calories on my low calorie days.

I know the right amount of low calorie day calories for me because I learned in my first mission how to guage the right amount of low calorie day calories. I’ll get the hunger urge; I get a little irritable a few minutes before the scheduled meal time. If I feel this way too early, then I add a bit of calories, and if I don’t feel this way, then I take away a few calories… I think we all know what we feel like (and end up looking like) when we eat to much on normal calorie ReFeed days! 🙂

My point is not about calories alone, high or low, but the whole picture. Use your “Sensory Acuity.” God gave each of us our own, it just takes time to develop it. I bet you that you will find something simple that you can adjust so you can keep meeting your goals!

Shred iT!
Brian Hildebrand

By the way. Today’s Steady State Cardio was great. Burned 15 calories a minute for 30 minutes with 90%+ heart rate for 15 minutes of the event! That was fun “Sweating all over the place”! 🙂

Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 165 from 170
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%

Day 160 M2 Day 17 me

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