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Day 154 M2 Day 11: Enacting Extreme Calorie Deficit. Back to some old ways! Focusing into a new “place”.

May 11, 2009


I will adjust a very important RTP Nutrition variable – the RTP Nutrition Calorie Deficit.

Week 2, day 4…. 3 days to go in week 2 massive shred down.

I am not achieving the body fat percentage reduction goal I have established based on my Mission 1 results of 1% Body Fat Percentage reduced per week for 12 weeks.

As you can see from the above chart I have some work to do to meet Mission 2’s forecasts.

I do not have much bandwidth to add cardio time/hours to my day, thus

I will adjust a very important RTP Nutrition variable – the RTP Nutrition Calorie Deficit.

I will lower my calorie intake back to an Extreme Calorie Deficit of 35% like when I was in Mission 1 Day 66 March 18th .

I know.. I posted back on day Mission 1 Day 66 March 18th don’t cut your calories too low, that I said at the time 35% deficit was too low compared to a normal 20% RTP Low Calorie Day Deficit, based on my feelings, not mathmatical fact, but if you/I look at the chart above, right before and up to March 18th then you will notice that I actualy burned more body fat % and did not loose LBM! I learned this about 3 weeks ago when I preparing for Mission 2.

Time to take Massive Action! Pulling out all the Nutrition Stops, Enacting the Extreme Calorie Deficit!
So here we go.. I’m testing the ultimate shredding wisdom – calories in, versus calories out, versus ability to have enough energy to perform the exercises themselves. The Calorie Deficit relative to Total Actual Energy Expenditure versus Calorie Intake. Too few calories and you have zero energy to have a productive exercise. Too many calories and you spend all your exercise energy burning off calories you did not need anyway. In my own experience from Mission 1, I know I can tolerate a 1600-1700 calories. I say tolerate because it will be a mental struggle that I am not dealing with at a 20% deficit.

My prediction
– My exercises will NOT be as awesome and powerful.
– I will re-live the week up to Mission 1 Day 66 March 18th and shred down some serious amounts of body fat by using an extreme calorie deficit… Not starving extreme – heck no!

Calorie Deficit Parameters – Tested in Mission 1, being enacted tomorrow!

Refeed Day -10% 2282 calories -254 cals below Maintenance
Low Calorie Day -35% 1648 calories -888 cals below Maintenance

Peace to you and more prayer request for me… This is getting stressful, a good stress! 🙂


Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 107 from 110
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%

Day 154 M2 Day 11 me

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