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MPD Day 152 M2 Day 9: Mission goal catch-up shredding

May 9, 2009


Did RTP Base training Day 9 today. All weight rep ranges finished by beating prior set reps! Thanks to Mike Groom’s encouragement! Ab exercises are significantly easier than on mission 1 when I was cuttin my teeth… I now do more reps and longer isometric squeezes to make them fruitful.

Here in week 2, mission goal catch-up shredding (week 1’s number were not as good as planned) – I did this additional cardio “for the record” since this was not prescribed by RTP. Basically, if I keep this up, week over week, for life, then I am no longer a sedentary person by nature.

1.7 Miles on foot in 20 minutes @ 5.1 MPH average.
2.1 Miles on cycle in 7 minutes @ 18 MPH average.
2 minute transition to bike.
3.8 Mile combined and done in 29 minutes total @ 7.9 MPH average combined with transistion.

Jogged to pet store once, 1 mile round trip.
Walked to pet store once with Coco our dog, 1 mile round trip.


Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 87 from 90
Cumulative Accountability Percentage Score: 97%

Day 152 M2 Day 9 me

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