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Day 143 M2 Pre-Shred = Complete! Mission 2 begins tomorrow! My “Blood is Boiling”

April 30, 2009

Hi Shredders and potential Shredders!

I landed on a blog by Tom Venuto today that captures my whole entire feeling and emotion right now about trying to achieve six pack of abs for the very first time.

Tom’s blog topic is great, and he really gives you the inside scoop on what he went through in his very early days of “getting ripped” Take a look at the blog here:
How I Got “Ripped” Abs For The Very First Time
Tom starts to conclude with some steps… Step number one wraps up every bit of how I feel right now

1. Set the big goal and go for it. If your goal doesn’t excite you and scare you at the same time, your goal is too small. If you don’t feel fear or uncertainty, you’re inside your comfort zone. Puny goals aren’t motivating. Sometimes it takes a competition or a big challenge of some kind to get your blood boiling.

Oh Yeah! RTP Transformation System Contest is getting my “blood boiling”! I am excited and scared!

Here is why… My Mission 2 goals do excite and scare the crap out of me. I am very uncertain and I am definitely not in my comfort zone. I have never “yo-yo’d” or ever attempted to healthy and fit in my life… And here I am inside of 8 months going from total sedentary 30+% body fat office worker, to a lean and cut Physique.

The pressure of 700+ Shredders inside the ShredderSphere is incomprehensible to me at this time. I do see the RTP Council Member Boardroom filling up quite nicely!

The time is near, the time is tomorrow at 5AM, RTP TS Mission 2 Day 1 workout begins.

Mission Parameters – they excite and scare the crap out of me!

Here are my Mission Parameters for “My ‘Epic’ Physique Delta” Real-Time, Rapid-Fire, Full-Blooded, Physique Transformation. All done with Massive Intensity = Massivity!

Mission Number: 2
Mission Title: Birthday cake and abs too!
Goal: Shred off from 18 to 6% body fat, 1% a week
Vision: Regain control of my life via this second mission that springboards off of the super great success from mission 1.
Duration: 5/1/09 to 7/23/09
Deadline: day 84 on 7/23/09 – My 33rd Birthday!
Pleasure PRW:
Be in the best shape of my life for my Darling Wife, of course! Let Mission 2 set the stage for RTP Muscle in the 2nd half of 2009.
Pain PRW:
Be an example, not skinny fat. Breakthrough proverbial myths about getting old and not being able to be in shape.
Nutrition: RTP Transformation System
Training: RTP Transformation System

“The Shredder Pact”
I will achieve a minimum compliance rate of 90% on
my pre-determined training and nutrition and plan,
I will complete the single daily actions
that produce results,
I will burn my bridges and not look back,
I will never surrender.

Name: Brian Hildebrand
Date: 4/27/09
Signed: me beh


Target Date Desired total weight w/o LBM delta
4/30/09 186.0
5/7/09 183.8
5/14/09 181.6
5/21/09 179.4
5/28/09 177.2
6/4/09 175.1
6/11/09 173.0
6/18/09 170.9
6/25/09 168.9
7/2/09 166.8
7/9/09 164.8
7/16/09 162.9
7/23/09 160.9

Target Date Desired Body Fat %
4/30/09 18.5%
5/7/09 17.5%
5/14/09 16.4%
5/21/09 15.4%
5/28/09 14.3%
6/4/09 13.3%
6/11/09 12.3%
6/18/09 11.2%
6/25/09 10.2%
7/2/09 9.1%
7/9/09 8.1%
7/16/09 7.0%
7/23/09 6.0%

Target Date Desired LBM
4/30/09 151.6
5/7/09 151.6
5/14/09 151.6
5/21/09 151.6
5/28/09 151.6
6/4/09 151.6
6/11/09 151.6
6/18/09 151.6
6/25/09 151.6
7/2/09 151.6
7/9/09 151.6
7/16/09 151.6
7/23/09 151.6

Target Date Desired Fat LBS
4/30/09 34.4
5/7/09 32.2
5/14/09 30.0
5/21/09 27.8
5/28/09 25.6
6/4/09 23.5
6/11/09 21.4
6/18/09 19.3
6/25/09 17.3
7/2/09 15.3
7/9/09 13.3
7/16/09 11.3
7/23/09 9.3

Target Date Fat Calories a day to burn to keep Desired Lbs Avg. in pace with Desired Total LBS (desired vs desired) (Total Daily Energy Expenditure Delta)
5/7/09 1173.6
5/14/09 1144.4
5/21/09 1116.2
5/28/09 1089.1
6/4/09 1062.9
6/11/09 1037.7
6/18/09 1013.3
6/25/09 989.8
7/2/09 967.1
7/9/09 945.2
7/16/09 924.0
7/23/09 903.6

It is my greatest prayer to my Lord and Savior that I am able to hold steadfast to these goals; for I commission this effort and these results, and inspiration to others to overcome our bodies, to His Glory, In Christ, Amen.

Brian Hildebrand – AKA “The Hardcore Shredder”RTP Transformer, Contest Shredder, and Council Member

Let’s not form a line – We’re all going “Massive” big time in 0-Nine!
Just do it for “your” physique delta!


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