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Day 125 M2 Pre-Shred- 7 days since M1 Completion – more record low weigh-in days!

April 12, 2009

I have to let you know I have not disappeared since completing Mission 1! RTP TS M1 Day 84! Final Analysis – 91% Compliance! – 27 LBS Gone! 12% Fat Gone!

I have been hanging out at the ShrederSphere2.0 by taking in some R&R time over there enjoying some fellow RTP TS shredder’s blogs and forum posts. It is great!

I’ve have been on thinking the RTP TS by the way.

I have burned off another few pounds since last Sunday, but I think it may be muscle because my digital scale is saying 187 LBS and usually around 19% body fat, which puts me at 151 LBS lean body mass (4-5 less than normal, which I not cool!

I did not exercise for 6 days post-Mission 1 to recover from a bad sunburn and another nasal allergy attack.
I went again on 4/10 with 15 minutes of HIIT cardio on my cycle and then yesterday, I started RTP Base Training. It was really odd not being able to hit the weight levels I had once done two months ago. I can not wait for another round of RTP!!! 🙂

I will do RTP Base Training for one week. RTP Strength Training one week. RTP Circuit Training one week.
THEN, Mission 2 starts on 5/1/09. I can’t wait.

Here are my immediate action items for this week:

Think about the video storyboard that Adam Waters will produce for me as a successful RTP Transformation System “RTP Transformer” (like using other never seen pictures for instance), review old blog posts to recognize the setbacks and accomplishments, make other reflections, acknowledgements, craft a personalized compliance log for M2, start M2 pre-shred 3 week long mini-RTP training mission, create a new Day 1 to Current Day picture boiler plate, rearrange the meal tool inside my Caloric Goal and Fuel Calculator so I can increase food variety… I think that is it!


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