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RTP TS M1 Day 82: My bro affirms the Positive Pressure available inside the ShredderSphere2.0

April 3, 2009


My brother Jason said some very simple yet powerful words today when I showed him some of my recent milestone progress, the “Epic” campground bench press picture on Day 75, and what capped it off was “Episode 9 of the Shredder Sunday 2009 ( Exclusive).”  This is a video only available inside the Sphere, hence no links here on my public blog.  In this video, Adam Waters pours on the positive pressure, encouraging me in my last week of my first ever mission.

Me and my bro enjoy the fine art and science of brewing our own beer, craft beer.  We will do so tomorrow for an upcoming family reunion. We particularly enjoy drinking some fine craft beer from notable micro-breweries while we are preparing for the next day’s brew session.  We take this seriously, building a chiller for the 3 week fermentation and using only natural raw ingredients (barely, hops, yeast and purified reverse osmosis water). 

So what did my bro say in simple words, as a passing comment, that totally wraps-up and empirically affirms that the Positive Pressure available inside the ShredderSphere2.0 is truly captivating?  After seeing Episode 9, Jason said, “Well, no beer for you tonight.”
He was so right – “no beer” – and he said so because he stepped into my shoes “feeling” the positive pressure available inside the SS2.0.  The pressure captured him too!  For him, the fine craft beer calories are in his “plan”, but not my pre-determined meal plan.  This was a special moment for me because my brother “felt” the same momentum and purpose in my mission as I do.

You may think he is enjoying a craft beer without me, but he too sees I am enjoying something …. A Totally Awesome Full-Blooded Real-Time Physique Transformation.  I am enjoying the fact that I now realize something I never knew I was conscious of before – my weight.  I now know for sure after being in a “public” place for several hours this evening, that I am in fact, no doubt, transforming into a much healthier physique!
Mission 1 is near an end – the difference is amazing.

For instance, I haven’t seen my next door neighbor in a while.  I took a baby blanket back to his house when it was dark outside.  He thought I was my brother!  He was blown away, saying I looked great – thought I had to be using supplement drugs.  I said no way, nothing but clean natural whole foods. 

–  Thank you Adam Waters!
–  Thank you Shredders!

Special note: My Bro is ridding for the MS150.
I must give a special shout out to my bro for a good cause.  He is a cycling enthusiast and enjoys cycling long distance for charity such as the MS150.  He has been riding “Century rides” for the last couple months and booted out some old eating habits burning off 15 pounds himself in preparation for the upcoming MS150.  Here is a note from my brother I’d like to pass along:


I will be riding my bike to Austin again in 2009, and I would like your help in raising money to donate to Multiple Sclerosis research in order to find a cure for this terrible disease.

Follow this link to donate whatever you can. I know that the economy is tough these days, but life isn’t any easier for the mill ions of individuals living with MS.

To find out what the National MS Society website has to offer,
click here:

Go here for everything you ever wanted to know about Multiple Sclerosis:

If you have any questions or hesitations, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much,
Jason Hildebrand


Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 747 from 820
Overall Compliance Level To Pre-Determined Plan: 91%


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