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RTP TS M1 Day 79: The New Deal

March 31, 2009


I missed my workout today. It started when I missed my pre-planned 4:30AM workout. I have rarely achieved this AM workout. Today, and going forward, I will mark my Training compliance as Yes only if I do it in the AM in time for me to get back home before the rest of my family wakes up. There are exponential by the power of infinity rewards for making the AM workout for which it is only true and right that I mark myself as No even if make the workout later in the day. I realize this may be harsh, but this is what I need in order for me to believe and know that I am defeating old habits, truly grinding them into the dust that they are.

Along this same tempo, I will apply strict compliance measurement standards to all aspects of my RTP Real Time Accountability Log. It is only true and right for me to do so, not because Adam tells us we will achieve results by achieving 90% or greater compliance; but because the compliance score is a measure of how well we adhered to our pre-planned criteria for 6 Meals, Training/Cardio, Mental Training, Accountability, and Miscellaneous Task.

You see, I am a great advocate of St. Augustine when he said, “in essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and all things Charity.” Boy, the all things charity is really tough. We have to really mind ourselves to make sure that we are in fact measuring ourselves by a good standard – that we don’t call something grey when it really is black or white. Yes, we each have the liberty to choose our pre-determined plans, and we have chosen by purchasing RTP TS to be unity to follow the excellent system for which Adam has created; however, at the end of a day, it is up to ourselves to choose in charity what our level of compliance really is, black or white, for each of the ten items that are applicable on each day of our rapid fire real time physique transformation logs.

Our level of charity is charity to self, and is basically our discernment of how well we achieved our pre-determined plan. Make sure grey is grey – don’t mark something yes if it really is in your heart to be no.

For instance, my plan is pre-AM workouts because there is a high correlation of motivation gained from my mental and physical energy boost and time limits in my work and family life day events. If I don’t make a 4:30 AM workout, then I choose in charity according to my plan to say I missed my goal. However, another shredder may decide that an anytime of day training session is the plan. Another contrast may be that I like to measure my food to 5 gram accuracy with actual calories being within 5% of my target calories with no added or missed food throughout the day. Another shredder may decide that simply scooping food into portions and substituting on the fly various foods may be their plan. The contrasts here are not that my plan is not more “strict” than the anytime of day plan; the contrast in the plans is that the compliance is about judging the condition of the heart versus the adherence to the plan.

If your heart says you should do one thing, you should meet or surpass your hearts desire, then you will know you have lived according to what you know is good and right for you. It is fair and kind to yourself to reward yourself by giving yourself compliance for only those things for which you truly adhere to per your very own pre-determined plan – however strict or relaxed it may be.

Truly, a 90% or greater criteria is not hard to meet. I am 91% compliant right now and this is after an 11 day no-blogging period where I learned to dovetail my new habits into my family and work life; after having a major sinus allergy and flu-like attack for several days, and even going camping last week with a very loose guess food portion sized meal plan and missing two days of training. To be frank, my 25 pound weight loss (32+ since being acquainted with Adam Water’s blog last November) has involved quite a bit of food guessing and food swapping with attempts to maintain the proper calories levels…. I say no more! It is time for The New Deal

I say no more compliance for semi-adherence to pre-determined plans.

This shredder is going hardcore!

I am meeting my mission 1 goals of 18% fat and 190 pounds; and I have Mission 2 starting on 4/30/09 for myself to achieve 8% body fat for six pack ‘o abs on my 33rd birthday 7/23/09 with my family and birthday cake too.

I am not shooting for 100% compliance on my next mission, I am shooting for 100% proper assessment of my heart and did I adhere with my pre-determined plan in the most charitable, liberal and essential way possible

Let the score reflect facts, let the results speak the truth!

And smile even when you miss the beat, knowing you have already jumped right back on the good path.


Shred iT!

Just do it for “your” physique delta!

Daily Accountability Score: 9 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 719 from 790
Overall Compliance Level To Pre-Determined Plan: 91%


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