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RTP TS M1 Day 77: Rest day with cardio and Positive Pressure

March 29, 2009

Today is a rest day,  yet I tried to burn some calories while me and my wife went into the gym together for quick cardio workout.

Today’s post is a progress report of sorts.

I have burned off 25 pounds since 1/12/2009 and 32+ pounds since all of 2008. None of this is muscle loss… I’ve held and slightly gained muscle mass.

Basically, I do everything. I eat frequent meals of correct calories by measuring with a scale, I plan and prepare my mental training and focus on goals, and I workout with great intensity as if each moment defines every piece of my self so that ever moment working out is maximized. I blog my progress daily for positive pressure and to be an encouragement – and I strive to make this work well with my family. Christ through me, no problem!

So now I must share with you some real-time happenings in my life regarding my progress.

This is me in the rain at the top of Adam’s blog post – I’m blown away to get this much positive pressure as Adam’s Sole purpose for posting his blog on his day 871

The site is Adam Waters and he is my main mentor. I was humbled and chosen to be apart of his RTP Transformation System (RTP TS). I was chosen among 11 others that he knew for about 2 years or more. He knew of me and my blog for about two weeks, saw that I was serious, and included me in his RTP TS draft/test/development private kick-off. RTP TS is now live and you can join in too via

Then, I was blown away just moments ago again when Adam choose my ShredderSphere 2.0 internal private blog for his Sunday video where he described a bit more about what goes on in the private “sphere” available after buying the RTP TS (video just below the Shredder Sunday heading banner)

My other secondary mentor is Tom Venuto at Tom is Adam’s primary mentor.

Adam lives in Australia and has had over 6.000,000 views on his you tube profile, namely due to his 84 days in 48 seconds video from over two years ago when he first started documenting is progress in real-time daily blog post and pictures: – this is the video and this progress that captivated me in November 2008.

Adam used to teach English in Japan before RTP TS became his full life. He is a normal person – someone who learned the hard way as he yo-yo’d his weight loss like so many others, but no more yo-yo for him since his day 1 back in 2006.

So I spent November of 2008 thinking, I created my blog in early December to increase positive pressure, and I have been a “Shredder” since mid-December, and I started my Mission 1 on 1/12/09. Mission 2 culminates on my 33rd birthday in Fort Waltom Beach FL where I will enjoy my day with my family, and achieve six pack of abs and eat my cake too!

Thanks for reading.


Brian Hildebrand
At the top click About, Missions for the milestones, and Why.

Eat Clean
Shred Hard
Think Big

And Just Do It For YOUR Physique Delta!

Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 700 from 770
Overall Compliance Level To Pre-Determined Plan: 91%


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