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RTP TS M1 Day 56: Amp’d – Starting RTP TS Circuit Training tomorrow

March 9, 2009

I am so amp’d about starting RTP TS Circuit Training tomorrow. Today is rest day, and wow I really feel like I needed it after having enjoyed today’s rest. I pushed it a bit harder this last week during strength training to make sure I was not leaving any cards on the table. I’m feeling it today. Early on in week 5 and 6, I kept it a bit light to focus on form, being extra careful to do the squats, dead lifts and bent over rows correctly. I found out in week 8 how to improve squat form. One particular feat was how I managed to max out the leg press machine’s 390 lbs. Let’s just say the free weight version felt nice and I was able to do 430 12 times and the last set was 450lbs 4 times! This seems ridiculously high to me considering I so many upper body arm exercises are a fraction of the weight. … Can’t wait to build up my upper stuff.


Body Fat % Update

Using my scale lately, I am somewhere between 19 and 21 percent body fat with my target being 18% by day 84 4/6/09. I started off at a solid 30-33% body fat and 216 LBS between late December ’08 and 1/7/09 pre-M1 pre-shred by using numerous formulas and tape measure tests.

It wasn’t until 2/11/09 before I had a caliper test done at my local gym showing 23.8% and 202.8 LBS – the pictures definitely show this drop in my opinion. That first month was killer fat burning high rep RTP TS Base Training. Month two that I just completed was RTP TS Strength Training which was low rep mass building where my scale shows 20% (19-21) and 196 LBS (maybe 1 LB lean mass increase).

Nicely, I have not burned up any muscle eventhough I run an intense 30% calorie deficit 4-5 days a week.

The next 4 weeks of RTP TS Circuit Training should totally blast me off the Richter by smashing my 30% down to 18% body fat percentage, and my 216 LB down to 190 LB body weight goals. This will absolutely and completely set me up for my Mission 2 which will conclude on my birthday 7/23/2009.


Let’s not form a line – We’re all going “Massive” big time in 0-Nine!
Just do it for “your” physique delta!

RTP Transformation System Compliance Log
Daily Accountability Score: 10 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 507 from 560
Overall Compliance Level To Pre-Determined Plan: 91%


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