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RTP TS M1 Day 52: Beating the Buffet

March 5, 2009


I beat the chinese food buffet today. It was not all that tough now that I know deep fried xyz and excessively stir-fried is not good for me… it is like I can feel the impending nutritional sabbatoge just by looking at some of that stuff. I did mark myself non-compliant reward meal because 1) is was not a planned reward meal, and 2) I know I over-caloried that meal even though I went out of my way to eat clean natural whole food. By the way, this was the first time I have eaten out at work since Mission 1 Day 1!


Meal 1: Chicken Bst, oatmeal, swt potatoe, 100% wheat bread, pnt butr
Meal 2: Chicken Bst, oatmeal, swt potatoe, 100% wheat bread, pnt butr
Meal 3: To many calorie reward meal
Meal 4: Chicken Breast, orange, apple
Meal 5: Tuna, orange
Meal 6: Tuna, apple

Daily Accountability Score: 9 from 10
Cumulative Accountability Score: 469 from 520
Overall Compliance Level To Pre-Determined Plan: 90%


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  1. March 6, 2009 11:42 PM

    Great work beating the buffet man, I know those work lunches can be a killer. I have been struggling similarly against the cold beer urges! It is the end of summer here in Australia and I been craving an icey cold beer of 4 a few times lately. My best strategy to beat this is to go for a hard run and wear myself out. The progress pics look awesome, you are starting to get some shape around your chest and the belly is definately shrinking, not long and the six pack will be starting to show!

  2. March 7, 2009 3:48 PM

    Next Giarc, is beating the home brew beer my bro is is crafting at my house over the next few weeks! Thanks to your tip, I have just right run path in mind!

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