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RTP TS M1 Day 17: Nothing like another low weigh-in day and HISS Cardio

January 28, 2009

Hi Shredders,

Wow! Another low weigh-in day of 206.4LBs from Mission 1 day 1 of 216 and 224 on 12/21/08. It has been no less than 9+, dare I say 10 years since I’ve weighed this!

I also blew out last weeks steady state cardio.  Not only did I increse the time as prescribed by the RTP Transformation System  from last weeks 30 minutes to today’s 35 minutes, but I went from a 400 calorie burn to 539 calorie burn for relative comparison (about 16 cals a minute).  It felt great.  I am starting to get over that exercise is painful hump, now it feeling great every time.  No doubt, it is not getting easier since the system calls for progressive discipline.

Thanks to Adam Waters ShreddersSphere and his RTP Transformation System which he humbled me to participate in the small pre-release before the public release.


Shred it!

Brian Hildebrand

p.s. I just can not get this picture to look right on this site.



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