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RTP TS M1 Day 11: Refeed days are very different than the “norm”!

January 22, 2009

Hi Shredders,

I must say this is my third re-feed day and they always catch me by surprise.  I am going to have my doctor run the full blown blood suger test so I can better understand my insulin chemistry.  Point is, when I do post work out nutrition after an intense full-blooded physique transformation give it all you have for 1+ hour workout; I get very-very sleepy feeling from eating the equivalent of two of six of my day’s carb/fat/protein calories.  Maybe I am simply eating to much, but I will say my recovery has been great feeding my muscles all these “eat clean” (as Adam Waters puts it) goodies.

My workout today went well however the tricepts were very weak which I attribute to going to gym in the AM with only 30G of whey protein eaten 20 minutes before hand (i.e. no carb energy), which was fine for me since I’m after reps for fat burn – strength training style as outlined by the RTP Transformation System.

Oh yeah – I’m down to an old but new belt hole size!

Peace, Brian

Let’s not form a line – We’re going “Massive” big time in 0-Nine!
Just do it for “your” physique delta!



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  1. cambioreal permalink
    January 22, 2009 11:13 PM

    Very well done Brian, there’s a lot of difference in your before picture and your today’s picture.. good job!!

  2. January 23, 2009 9:06 AM

    Thank you for the postive encouragment! It has been a lot of fun! 2 weeks almost down, 10 to go.

  3. January 23, 2009 8:10 PM

    Brian, great progress in only 11 days!! already seeing big changes!

  4. January 24, 2009 2:31 PM

    Thank you Suzette!!

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