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RTP TS M1 Day 6 – another record low weigh-in day!

January 18, 2009

A day late post due to the server being down

Hi Shredders,

A nice day today.  My wife enthusiasticaly said that Tom Venuto’s new book the Body Fat Solution was made for normal people…. the number one purpose of the book, the purpose she didn’t know, but figured out on her own inside of a few minutes.

I also did better at packing my meals inadvance.  However, I forgot it was Saturday, thus the gym closed early.  The gym hours and my desire to finish the fence my neighbor is paying me for left me to miss my HIIT Cardio.  So I swapped Saturday for Sunday, meal and exercise. Technically I did not eat my Sunday RTP Reward Meal on Saturday, but what I did do was swap my pre-planned meal 4 and 5 for what my friends cooked – which was a mental reward meal in itself (no reward meal on Sunday though!).  I did good on the meal conversion.

Check the picture below for the weigh-in of 210 lbs on 1/17!







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