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M1 Day 1: Pre-Shred on the RTP Transformation System 90 DTG

January 8, 2009

Hi Shredders!

Based on Adam Waters RTP Transformation System, I am officially embarking on my first ever “Full Blooded Real Time Physique Transformation.”  I have weighed over 200 lbs since 1998 and was 165 in my mid-teen years around 1992.  I have never been a muscular person – nice definition will be a bonus!

 Days 1 through 6 are the pre-work to get ready for the “84-Day Training Plan” starting on Day 7, 1/13/2009, with the Day 90 completing the 84-Day Training Plan on  4/7/2009.  My core goal will be day 67, 3/15/2009, my 11th wedding anniversary to be 200LBS or less with keeping or gaining lean muscle mass.  To date, I have estimated my body fat percentage as 28%, my weight is 216 lbs average this week.  My Day 90, 4/7/2009, end goals are 191.2 lbs and 18% body fat while keeping the same estimated lean muscle mass of 156.8 lbs.  This goal will be achieved by using Adam Waters RTP Transformation System, which includes mental aspects, meals, cardiovascular and muscle strength training, and positive encouragement from other “shredders” listed in my blog roll and also via the shredders whom join me via the ShredderSphere 2.0 that is also available via the RTP Transformation System.  I will post full compliance with daily pictures starting on Day 7.  I will become intimately familiar with the system as I progress.

Peace. Shred hard!

and most importantly,

Do not form a line – We’re going “Massive” big time in 0-Nine!
Just do it for “your” physique delta!


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  1. julirunswild permalink
    January 8, 2009 8:12 AM

    Good luck, I know that you will be successful with Adam’s -program. You will just nail it. Go for it!


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