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Day 28: Went massive on the treadmill. 199 DTG

January 6, 2009

Howdy Shredders!
Nasal allergies may try to kick my pants, but they are not going to keep me from achieving massive feats!  I did some HIIT Cardio and wow!

  A month ago, I could barely do 5MPH, maybe 6MPH for a minute, much less yesterday’s speeds 6, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 for 1 minute each and 11 for 20 seconds!! – my new barrier.  My heat rate was recovering to 60-70% during each slow rest period.   I felt great!  I spread the interval over 20 minutes, then went another 20 minutes steady state cycle @ ~70% max heart rate (220-age*%). 

Debbie describes how her weight routine goes massive in her January 5, 2009 blog post using Adam Waters RTP Transformation System.
And Lynda too when she announced today that she posted A New MISSION is About to Begin

Back to what is up with me in the past two days: I started and finished the day off with some isolated calf exercises to help me loosen up many numerous trigger points (knots of muscle fiber) that have been causing me foot and calve pain on the treadmill and during normal walking and standing.  I exponentially recommend this book  Trigger Point Therapy for anyone that “thinks” they have joint pain or cartilage or tendon pain (foot, back, carpel, headaches, shoulder,, because, very often and not known by many people, the pain can be self-treated by deep tissue massaging knotted up muscle fibers that pinch nerves, stress tendon attachments, or overload opposing muscles.  For the past three days, since I have upped my lower body strength and treadmill routine, my calves and feet have been hurting even more than normal.  This has lead me to research the book above to find some answers.  A time or two each day I deep tissue massage on my calves to loosen them up.  Make no mistake about it, the massaging hurts like crazy, but then moments afterward relief comes.  Basically, muscles are not supposed to hurt when you push on them.  If they do, they are knotted up.  The knot is a trigger point, and the trigger point (knotted muscle) can send pain to the same spot or some remote area.  The book is great, something a friend of mine let me “borrow” that he found after a 15 years of struggling with dirt motorcycle crash back injuries.

Here is today’s pictures.  I missed a meal, otherwise timming was great.  My workout did suffer today (much of this post is about yesterday) because my sinus allergy is getting me today – I flat ran out of energy at the gym tonight.

Just go shred off the pounds for your physique delta!

Peace, Brian

Very short-term goals:
Establish blog roll links (done! and in RSS reader!). 
Continue reading/pre-implimenting Adam Water’s RTP Transformation System (pre-implimenting in progress)
Engage for 2009 RTP System group shred (Date pending official RTP System release). 
Post my daily accountability pictures (happening almost daily)
Post my meal/excersize/sleep/timing/mental compliance (building meal plan logic into MS Excel) 
Make sure I’ve completed the assignments in the RTP Transformation System before the group shred (TBD with reading item).  
Encourage shredders efforts (learning to do!!!)


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  1. Lynda permalink
    January 6, 2009 3:59 AM

    Hi Brian,
    Love, love, love your blog…you´ve done a good job with it and so much to read and think about. Will definitely check out that book about muscle trigger points. Wonder if it´s like another one I know where you squeeze a spot, and that triggers a release somewhere else…? I also just ordered from England a foam roller that is supposed to do wonders for muscle aches and tight spots. Will see.
    (loved seeing the American kitchen cabinets in the background. They are so like my mother´s of times past…).
    Good luck with your mini-mission. Your stomach has flown off somewhere. Know you are pleased!

  2. January 6, 2009 6:22 AM

    Brian, congrats on your best mphs during your workout. Those are awesome (now I need to bump mine up as well). Thanks for the shout out too and the book suggestion. My husband has lower back pain and I’m going to get it for him.

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