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Day 21: knocked tomorrow’s weigh-in down today! 206 DTG

December 29, 2008

Howdy folks,

My daily weigh-in went up a couple pounds this morning probably due to chips and salsa last night and three tortillas (all unscheduled and unneeded fuel) 

To make up for it, and set the stage for the upcoming RTP Transformation System group shred, I did 20 minutes HIITT Cardio (Precor AMT 100i  see video )and then upper body machine workout 3 X failure.  I had been doing 5x5s, but I “rediscovered” how little I can lift today when I do high rep.  Man, some were brutal, others went smooth, yet still hurt.  Pain, I started to focus on how it really is a figment of imagination, expecially on those muscle groups I have been working since 12/8/2008.  I have to say the Precor AMT is most excellent.  It will get your heart rate to the top quickly because it is cardio upper and lower body at the same time.  These forum folks like it  and I think of it like a machine that simulates running through sand, forward or backward and you can choose to use your arms and how high a step and how much stride, oh and resitance too.  I am addicted to this machine now.  I noticed my heart rate recovering much better in between my HIIT intervals.

just do it for your physique delta!

MPD zero 21

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