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Day 20: Shredding again on the… 207 DTG

December 29, 2008

…. 4th day of Christmas/Epiphany!

Howdy shredders,

Yesterday and today felt great.  Yesterday was 20 minutes HITT Cardio and 20 minutes Steady State; and today was 30 minutes Steady with several lower body exercises completed to refusal.  Baby Rebekah has been a night owl, so it has been difficult on my wife to get sleep; and oddly myself too eventhough she nurses the baby because I feel so darn guilty not “being in the room” all through the night while the cranky/tireness/awakeness is going on.  I figure I need to be a bit “appropriately selfish” as Tom Venuto puts it and go get some sleep so I can keep pace with the other two kids and keep my darling wife (DW) rested during the day.

And way to go to Adam Waters who has been polishing up his RTP Transformation System.  Adam is “now extremely confident that this 400 page+ System will be out the door  by Day 800” more here Day 781: Dusk Til Dawn.

Very short-term goals: Establish blog roll links.  Continue reading/pre-implimenting Adam Water’s RTP Training Program for 1/1/09 group shred. Post my daily accountability pictures and compliance.  Encourage shredders.

Merry 4th day of Christmas/Epiphany!

Just do it for your delta!

Peace, Brian

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