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Day 16: Baby #3 born yesterday! 211 DTG

December 24, 2008

So yesterday, my wife goes to her midwife at 8am, comes home a little crampy at 10AM, starts labor at 1PM and then at 3PM we have a new baby girl, Rebekah!  Yay!  We are home now and are getting ready to enjoy Christmas with our newest miracle from God above.

So you think I didn’t hit the gym?  Well, I did.  When my darling wife (DW) got home at 10am, I realized it was going to be  along day (which it did not!), so I said, I’m going to take the kids to the gym with me while you enjoy you bath.  I did my home-brew high intensity like this: Treadmill to 8MPH, then a 5×5 upper exercise, and repeat three times.  The sweat poured!  It felt great.  I did start to feel tired toward the end of this ~80 minute workout session – so I stopped the treadmill to finish up some more upper body exercises.

Just do it for “your” delta!


Very short-term goals: Establish blog roll links.  Continue reading Adam Water’s RTP Training Program. Post my daily accountability pictures and compliance.  Review and post encouragements to fellow shredders blogs.

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