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Day 14: Massive and Immediate Action! 213 DTG

December 22, 2008

Oh boy!  I just got online and have been humbled by the honorable Adam Waters yesterday in his post Day 774: Massive And Immediate Action! 

Talk about massive and immediate action! I am very thankful to be included with the other RTP Shredders who have already “paid their dues” having already been involved with Adam over the past two years.  Me, only two weeks to date – I am greatly honored!  I will also download the advance preview of the 84-Day RTP Training Program (Module 6 of the RTP Transformation System)!!  My mind is blowing a gasket!! 🙂  I will devour this ASAP and will also give Adam a confirmation ASAP that I too will be embarking on this  physique transformation workout routine for 2009.  And just think how amped up I will be after I do today’s workout!

Thank you Adam!

Just do it for “your” physique delta!

Peace, Brian Hildebrand

Very short-term goals: Establish blog roll links.  Read the RTP Training Program. Post my daily accountability pictures and compliance.


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