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Day 13: 22,000 pounds of “eat clean”? 214 DTG

December 21, 2008

Lifted 22,000 pounds of clean food today.  Just kidding!  It was iron 🙂  A fun day at the gym on upper 5×5.  The rear fly, chinup and dip machines were brutal.  I got emotional on the fly machine trying to conquer it.  I did all five!   I just blasted through it by increasing my rests.  Oh, the clean food – I’ve never spent so much in one trip to the store before on clean food!  It felt like 60 pounds of stuff.  Luckily the veggies are low calorie, got some fruits, and about 20 pounds of free range “natural” chicken.   Way to much chicken to finish eating anytime time soon, so that is why I grilled it all, and I am putting it in the deep freezer right now.  I freeze it ASAP to keep it from drying out.

The workout: I really pushed it today on some new muscles.  This was after I rode my bike the whole mile to the gym.  I put it in top gear and cranked the heck out of it trying to get a mini-warmup-interval done before I got to the gym.  I was amazed at how some muscles/weights just felt better, faster and with more weight!  Here is the FitLinxx chart just for fun:

Exercise Visits Reps Sets Ave Wt(lbs.) Tot Wt(lbs.) Form %
Cybex VR3 Abdominal Ab Crunch 1 26 5 130 3,380 41
Cybex VR3 Arm Curl 1 26 5 72 1,895 44
Cybex VR3 Arm Extension 1 27 6 71 1,930 49
Cybex VR3 Chest Press 1 26 5 84 2,190 85
Cybex VR3 Dip Chin Assist Dips 1 15 3 108 1,620 62
Cybex VR3 Dip Chin Assist Pull Up – Wide Grip 1 20 3 133 2,670 45
Cybex VR3 Fly Rear Delt Flys Normal Grip 1 24 5 130 3,120 63
Cybex VR3 Fly Rear Delt Rear Deltoid 1 23 5 110 2,530 64
Cybex VR3 Lat Raise 1 33 6 53 1,750 29
Cybex VR3 Overhead Press Shoulder Press 1 22 5 66 1,455 55
TOTALS 10 242 48 96 22,540 54

I need to learn more about form – I didn’t know I was that out of wack 🙂

I have been thinking about nutrient timming now and this whole situation in general (compliance, meal plan, calorie tracking, protein intake, carb intake, shredding hard).  I am almost ready to buy the e-books, the only trouble is I know every penny we spend between now and 12/31 means we reduce that amount from our property taxe bill, or we put some property taxes on credit card so we can claim the duduction this year.  Well, I guess I have answered my own delimina, since we are already over the boggie anyway and will end up putting some on credit card for a few weeks anyway, why not order the e-books? 🙂

Adam confirmed the links are good, so I’ll post them again here to keep this close at hand: Day 4: Becomming “Appropriately Selfish”

Just do it for Delta,  Peace, Brian Hildebrand

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