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Day 10: A Little Mind Transformation. 217 DTG

December 18, 2008

I missed day 9.  Day 9 is our third child’s to be born due date.  We are so excited to add a new blessing from God to our family… I can’t wait to give him/her a million kisses!  I missed the post because I kept reading (see below).

  Looking back on Day 9’s exercises, it was, well, not a very mentally challenging day but I had decent meals and meal timing and did make it to the gym twice, BUT it was not satisfying mentally.  I talked more than I exercised because I was working on cardio only with only about 5,000 lbs lifted to work on some muscles I have not touched before (chin dip and pull up – assisted weights)  I think the cardio machines showed about 300 calories burned.  I don’t really care about calories burned, so I’ll start looking at average heart rate from now on since that is what I am after, a cardio work out.  For instance, I’m still building muscle in my lower legs and feet – so the treadmill is muscular painful at lower heart rates, whereas this unique full motion elliptical/step/arm exerciser really gets my heart rate going with no impact.

  I did absorb a lot of fundamental knowledge yesterday (day 9) and today.  I learned about Nutrient timing via “ – John Berardi – The Science Of Nutrient Timing!” and part two.  I also learned about caloric needs via “ – John Berardi – Massive Eating – Part I!”  and part two

I am looking forward to listing to the audio cast of  Tom Venuto & Dr. John Berardi on The FitCast Show Episode 100 asap.  I have deduced thus far based on forum discussions like this discussing “who is right?”, that Tom, John and Craig Balanatyne have some good information, AND most importantly for me right now, I can stick with Adam Water’s “Mission 1 Fat Burning Programs” Nutrition: Burn The Fat, Training: Metabolic Surge, Abdominals: Flatten Your Abs because as discussed in the who is right thread, all of these experts differences are minuscule compared to how far off base I am (and anyone not feeling great and in shape)!

I did click into Precision Nutrition’s free 5-day email course to further kick my mind into gear.  I learned about how important goal setting, calendars and simply checking the items off the lists are very important.  I need this as much as the pro-athlete keeping track of their progress.  My brain for one does not hold a list of to-do’s very well.

The timming of this is just excellent.  I am so happy I am off the remainder of the year to study.

Day 8 was a good day with encouragement comming in from fellow shredders!!  Thank you Adam for stopping by and Ron, you for linking to me and to Mike too!!

make a delta!


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