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Day 6: Several Days Update

December 14, 2008

Howdy partners!,

Alot has happened this week.  I saw snow for the third time in my life!  I will remember it because I saw it while leaving the gym.  It did not even feel cold! 

Yesterday (Saturday) was a good day as I got to spend some time at the gym reconfiguring my fitness routine.  We added a couple more machines, all the equivalent free weights, and setup my weight set targets for low rep with descending weights.  OH! and I learned all about proper warm-up and stretch routines too.  Here I am running the parking lot along side my daughter and wham!  I pull a back muscle, the long vertical one to the right of my spine.  It wasn’t until late last night did I figure what muscle it was.  At the time, all I felt was an initial pull in this muscle, then the left muscle along my spine trying to counter it, then accross my upper addomine trying to counteract the pull.  I had a hard time breathing and was very unsettled and not comfortable.  So right there in the parking lot, I decided to stretch this thing out the best I could figure at the time.

This is a multi-day food update:

Over the past several days I have been adhering pretty well to the eat small meals every two hour routine.  I have eaten very clean food and have added whey protein to my meals.  It is amazing how little I want to eat whey I spread it out all day.  My diet is not scientific at this time and thus not all that strict.  My main criteria is eat before I get hungry, and if I get hungry to soon, then add a bit more calories.  The past two days have had more vegetables, because I was not eating many before.

Favorite daily mini-meal (2-3 times a day):  1/2 cup whole oatmeal with two tablespoons of Flaxseed meal + 26g of whey and two warm glassess of filtered/spring water.
Favorite daily meat is grilled natural chicken breasts.  I grill about a dozen at a time, then freeze them all ASAP to lock in the taste.
Favorite daily fruit is apples, and no favorite vegetable (I must increase the veggies).

This is a multi-day exercise update:

All but Saturday and Sunday (yesterday and today) I have been averaging 45 minutes in the gym with a strength training focus.  I am strength training a lot, However, as my back taught me yesterday, and my wife as said to me, I need to increase my warm-up and stretch routine.  I really do not want to be in the gym over an hour, so I have to focus my routines.  The workouts have been very intense in my opinion.  I am not so certain my gym’s equipment spacing will afford me the ability to do a high intensity style workout with cardio mixed in between weight sets.   My YMCA gym uses FitLinxxand the system shows I moved 73,000 lbs, 43 stations, 93 sets, 793 reps, 41 minutes of cardio, and burned 452 calories.  It sure feels like more calories!!!!

One goal I have is I need to manualy write down my treadmill routine.  So far, I like going 1 minutes at a time at these speeds: 3 5 3 6 4 7 4 8 4 8.  I have only done one “set” like this at a time.

Things have been pretty busy with the family and Christmas decorations, thus I have not bought the three e-books Adam Water’s recommends; thus I am at a knowledge disadvantage right now…. Something I need to step up to plate and get past so I can meet my goals.

My goal:

I am going to shoot for a six pack of abs on my birthday 7/23/2009, 221 days away.  I figure I am 30% BF at 6′ tall and 225lbs.  I figure my target weight is somewhere around 175lbs (lighter if I wasn’t trying to build mass also to increase my metabolic rate).  225lbs to 175lbs in 221 days means I need to burn 50lbs of fat, or at 3,400 calories per pound, I need to burn 166,250 more calories than I eat in the next 221 days.  I need to burn 791 more calories a day than I eat in clean food.  Notice I am burning more than I eat – I am not eating less to starve myself.  I know I need to eat 80-90% of my maintenance calories a day and have a periodic day of slightly high calories so my metabolism doesn’t go into starve mode; if it does, then I’ll be burning the muscle I want to build (notice a special caloried diet balance is needed here).

Here is what I have to learn and understand:

Proper caloric intake (diet) and metabolic maintenance.
Proper pre and post workout stretch and warm-up routines (and any interim-day routines).
Implement my own top-ten food list.
Proper mental game.

I can already tell proper mental game is the tough part.  Tom Venuto and Adam Waters talk about the mental game.  You have got to have your powerful reason why front and center in your mind when you trying to push yourself through those last couple of reps!

I could post pictures…. 🙂

For a delta,

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