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Day 4: Becoming “Appropriately Selfish”

December 12, 2008

{email to a friend I work with who is an inspiration – I want him to “see” what I am doing for “my physique delta”}

Thank you so much for encouraging me this morning with your experience with fitness as I know you are diligent can back up what you say to me by your experience.  The story about the young lady burning it off up and down the “hill” is just excellent.  Maybe she has a blog you could comment on since she doesn’t talk during her focused routine.

Here is Adam Waters blog that I said I want to share with you. He is posting pictures and physique compliance daily for accountability and scroll down to The Truth About My Transformations

Now get this, yesterday, one of Adams mentors, Tom Venuto posted this “advice for Oprah” which Tom got tremendous hits and comments posted back.

Then just a moment ago, a couple hours after you gave me the wise words about how I should take care of myself first FOR my family, Tom posts this blog as a follow-up to emphasize being “appropriately selfish”

 The timing is a divine appointment setup by God – I just know it!

Here is my little Blog I need to get on a nutrition and exercise plan. – two days behind blogging.

What inspired me to begin with is Adam waters has a video on YouTube (also on his blog) to do the daily blog/picture/compliance score accountability, the video is a time lapse of his first 84 days of physique transformation – search YouTube for something like 84 Days In 48 Seconds: Weight Loss Time Lapse

It is Adam that has me wanting to purchase any moment these key resources he used and is using:
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle System $60
Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT
Fat Loss Coach
Metabolic Surge $30
Nick Nilsson
Author of “Metabolic Surge – Rapid Fat Loss”
Vice President
BetterU, Inc.
David Grisaffi 

The Tom Venuto seems like a very good widely known expert, but Nick and David seem like hidden secrets.  Together, Adam found something truly unique in those resources compared to 40+ other books he has bought over the years.  This current approach is supposed to be much better than Body For Life also.

I have the motivation, however, I know I need to eat and exercise correctly – it would be a very powerful motivation if I could peel off the pounds on a very strict diet and exercise routine such that Adam Waters did in his first 84 days  In Adam’s “About” page I linked at the top, Adam suggests reading his blog from day one to truly understand.  Also, you will notice the yo-yo he has been through over 6 years before he started RTP-BLOG (some pictures he looks good, but was not able to maintain due mostly to cardio burnout). I’ve never yo-yo’d or tried to get into shape before thus I don’t really know what I am up against.  Right now, I do believe I should buy the three ebooks, but my darling wife wants to “talk about it later” because of the costs (she’s an accountant!) … We are going on a date tonight, so it will be important for me to talk with her about this tonight.

Thank you for your encouragement! – I had no clue I’d talk with you today! And Tom’s “appropriately selfish” blog today! – I can’t believe the good stuff working with me right now. I am thankful!

God bless, and I’m all ears for your insight!

Brian Hildebrand
edited the title for spelling on 10/27/09


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