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Day 0: Physique delta commitment begins

December 8, 2008

There – I did it.  I committed today!  I am just now starting my physique transformation – from now to a better future – the delta.  My three kids and wife need it from me too!  More to come tonight!  I’m following along with Adam Waters great example:

Thank you Adam,

Brian Hildebrand

p.s. I have Adam’s recommended e-books to read!

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  1. qwkcoupe permalink*
    December 8, 2008 10:41 PM

    Day 0.5 comment:
    Well, since I will post once a day, I figured I better do a comment to let you know I have some good news about what I’ve done today in addition to creating this blog to kick-start my physique delta. I went to the local YMCA gym to do some low rep high weight intial exercises. I have a lot of learning to do because I don’t even know what it was, only that I tried to double the weight specified originaly by my initial consultation courtesey training session. I should be able to see my results from the machines on a web site; if not, then I’ll have to take notes next time. Afterwards I went to Wal-mart for a little protein, but found creatine also; and well, I decided to forget those for today until I learn more about them. In the meantime, I’m going to finish of this funky Soy Protien and stick with freerange chicken and eggs for my core protien. I will be thinking about my own top 10 often used food as well.
    Also, I fully acknowledge I have a lot to learn about BFFM (Tom Venuto) and Metabolic Surge (Nick Nilsson)

    To delta,

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